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A little lamb and lamb to be photo love..

Showing off the current born lambs and a number of the still expecting ewe’s..  

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Let it Snow!!

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We are wearing our red warpaint- which means what???

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Small Grazing Paddocks -New for 2012

Well, It has taken more years then I want to say for us to go from when we bought this farm, with no fences other then a number of dog runs from the attached kennel building to have fenced off … Continue reading

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Baby Lamb Photo Love

The older lambs are going so fast and they are all eating hay and chewing their cud these days, the younger ones are part of the baby mob, and still more new ones have joined us in the past days..  … Continue reading

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Have a Heart? Heart shaped Box of Chocolates.. nope..

How about a whole host of yummy hearts recipes..  In this case, lamb maybe a few chicken or duck heart recipes thrown in. So I have four to six planned recipes over the next week or two that are going … Continue reading

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Vanilla Sheep -Need a little help girl? -Sort of Graphic Birthing photos..

Vanilla sheep was found hanging out in front of a jug this morning with a huge bag,  and the starting show of labour, so into the jug she went as happy as a clam and we checked on her a … Continue reading

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First storm of the season= New lambs!

It never fails, I said it in a earlier post today, big storm.. momma’s decide if they need to stay in might as well have a lamb or two.. so far a new set of twins and a new single … Continue reading

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Socks and Mittens- our first set of twin lambs of the season.

The first set of twin lambs arrived while I was gone, their momma is woolie, and she is a good one, she has a sturdy boy and a slightly smaller little girl, Niece #2 and #3 named them Socks(boy) and … Continue reading

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Catalogs starting to come in now.. Got Sheep? Like Wool?

This past week my garden catalogs have started coming in and some of the new an amazing fruit trees and veggies are looking just wonderful but this post is all about my new woolgrowers catalog. If you have never heard … Continue reading

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