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Pig, and more Pig means lots of Pork.. o my..

Well, we got another big 250 plus pound gilt done today for our own home use, it went well, we are getting in the grove on this now that we have done five large blacks and one pot belly pig … Continue reading

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Miss Rooten Tooten- All Settled in now..

Well, I figured I had better do a Tootie update, as I got asked at least three times on the weekend, how is she doing :) So she has successfully dug up over 60 percent of her pen to the … Continue reading

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Loukanika Sauage Recipe- Lamb/Pork Mix

Wow, this recipe seemed tailor made for me for the fall after butcher day, but I made a small version of it just to try it out.. heavenly and I will be making a big batch of this later.. Now … Continue reading

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Large Black Piglets.. coming soon to our little farm..

Well, this past week I could not help but notice that Miss Piggy was being a bear with Angelo and she was being sweet with me or Dh, but yesterday I was really unhappy to see that he had a … Continue reading

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Miss Piggy all grown up..

Its hard to be believe that its been almost a year since we had a girls trip up the valley to pick up this sweet little purebred Large Black Piglet, she was just big enough to fit in a small … Continue reading

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Rising Costs of Meat-Are you feeling the effect yet?

Last weekend, my Step-dad was in the “big city” for work and we did a meet up for a visit, lunch and then to give him a ride to the airport, one of our stops from his downtown hotel was the big … Continue reading

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Guanciale-Its Ready..

So here is the finished Product, Sliced and ready for me to use in my planned recipes that I will be sharing soon, I am going Tradional for one, and Funky for the other..I should point out that while I … Continue reading

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Slow Roasted Spiced Pork Ribs

Fall of the bone tender roasted never frozen Pork Ribs, heavenly!

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Rendering Fat

So simple to do and the end results can be used in so many ways, in this case we are making Lard. Raw Fresh Fat, remember that if the fat does not smell good to you, the lard won’t either.. … Continue reading

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Fresh Pork Belly with Ribs – 13.2 pds

Whole Fresh Pork Belly with Ribs still attached A nice rack of pork ribs, I split into two portions, each one enough to feed two peaple. Eight one pd (or close to one pd) peices of bacon to be.. hmmm, … Continue reading

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