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First Lamb has arrived..

Thankfully we got our Sweet Dirty Face Girl into a jug three days ago, very good timing considering this deep and bitter cold.. I like sockhop if this wee lamb is a ewe but a winter name would work as … Continue reading

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Give a warm welcome to “Goon”

Well, we had one ewe that had not lambed, and we figured she didn’t get caught as she would have needed to breed in dec to be due now, so we thought.. ah, the lambing is done.. So where we … Continue reading

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March Challange-Frost Seeding

We are coming into our 5th year of frost seeding to improve our pastures, and we can’t speak highly enough of this process.  A little background on our pastures, the call names are, Big Pasture, Little Pasture, Corner Pasture, and … Continue reading

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Baby Lamb Photo Love

The older lambs are going so fast and they are all eating hay and chewing their cud these days, the younger ones are part of the baby mob, and still more new ones have joined us in the past days..  … Continue reading

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Vanilla Sheep -Need a little help girl? -Sort of Graphic Birthing photos..

Vanilla sheep was found hanging out in front of a jug this morning with a huge bag,  and the starting show of labour, so into the jug she went as happy as a clam and we checked on her a … Continue reading

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First storm of the season= New lambs!

It never fails, I said it in a earlier post today, big storm.. momma’s decide if they need to stay in might as well have a lamb or two.. so far a new set of twins and a new single … Continue reading

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Socks and Mittens- our first set of twin lambs of the season.

The first set of twin lambs arrived while I was gone, their momma is woolie, and she is a good one, she has a sturdy boy and a slightly smaller little girl, Niece #2 and #3 named them Socks(boy) and … Continue reading

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Fall Shoulder Lamb Chop Stew

When getting half or whole lamb you will end up with a number of 1 pd cuts of shoulder chops, these are heavier on bone then lamb chops are. Now the price of chops in the store are high but again … Continue reading

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Milking Sheep

I got asked a question by a family member the other day that went along the lines of, I know you milk your sheep but did you have to buy special sheep to do it? The short answer is, I … Continue reading

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Canning Meat..

Well I have been listening to CBC news about what is happening to the markets, to the riots in london, to the debt crisis that just keeps growing in Europe and the United States, and listening to Harper who is … Continue reading

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