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Winter is coming.. Pantry is loaded.. and I am planning for 2016

Yup, seems like a odd thing to be doing right.. I keep reading homesteading blogs that are all about hay for the winter, wood for the stoves and talking about how much snow they are going to get.. (I have … Continue reading

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Beef Barley veggie soup.. Canning

Mom never used a pressure canner, in truth I still prefer waterbath canning myself but when it comes to safely making soups that hubby takes a pint to work and heats up barely, the pressure canner is the only safe … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Cranberry Compote Recipe

Pumpkin Compote 5 cups of cubed (1/2 inch by 1/2 inch) pumpkin 1 whole  peeled, cored cubed pinnapple or 1 large can of pinnapple tidbits 2 cups of whole dried cranberries 1 cup of diced dried apricots 5 cups sugar … Continue reading

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Plum BBQ Sauce

Now comes a very old recipe, I found the “bones” of this recipe in a cookbook from the victora times but have played around with it enough to be able to call it Farmgal Fruit BBQ Sauce and its fabulous … Continue reading

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Jan canning Overview

Canning Log 2015 8 pints Elderberry Syrup 2 pints Red Current Jelly 2 pints Red Gooseberry Jelly 2 Pints Green Gooseberry Jelly 2 Pints Rasberry-Ground Cherry Jam 18 Pints Beef 18 Pints Beef 18 Pints Beef 9 Quarts Beef-tomato mix … Continue reading

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Canning Day..

So far today, I have done, not all are in the picture, its just a sample of them.. This what happens when you want to clear out the freezer to make room in it, suddenly all the different bags of … Continue reading

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Free Food! – Bumper Crop of Black ChokeCherries..

DH had a surprise for me last night when he arrived home, as he often will do on his way home from the feed store he took a new route home and when he came though the door, he was … Continue reading

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First of the garden count is in.. Currents, and Blueberries..

Well, the first of the fruit count is in this year and it surely does reflect a different spring and what late frosts can do.. Red Currents- a mear 8 cups worth- $6 dollars worth locally.. No on farm black … Continue reading

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Food Storage Friday-03-16-2012

Food Storage Friday Report To be honest it was a slow week, and a bit of a whiny friday to boot.. the weather has hit a unnatural high, typically we are 2 or 3 above and we are well over … Continue reading

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March Challange Report -2nd

So the answer to am I going to go fix my mistake of not getting my last food buying is no, In the past if farm work, or weather meant that the you didn’t get to town, then they would … Continue reading

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