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o those wild tomatoes

Well, the plans for this coming year of 2015 in regards to tomato  are pretty simple.. Four Cherry tomato plants for fresh eating Two tomato plants for fresh slicing or tomato sandwichs The big Patch will be oxheart paste tomatos, … Continue reading

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Roughly composted uses in the garden

I know that not everyone has access to farm compost or even backyard rabbit or bird compost but everyone that does has a little issue.. most of the time their compost looks nothing like what you see in the stores … Continue reading

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Mustard Seeds..

Ah, my crop of Mustard plants did great this year, fresh itty bitty spicy mustard greens for salads, then strong hot ones for cooked greens, or add in to soups, stews or stirfries.. Then came the flowers, we had problems … Continue reading

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Raddish Greens, Rain, and Riding..

Well, the rain came softly first, four or more hours of lovely soft spring rain, I was off the farm for a good part of the day as I headed in to get to have lunch with 3 gens of … Continue reading

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Worth the time and investment-Soil blockers.. A little video on using these,  has anyone used these?? If so, did you like them, was it work the money? I really like the idea of them, but I don’t like the idea of needing to buy the … Continue reading

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Working on a new Hugelculture Bed.. the biggest to date yet..

Given that, I am going to break this down into parts just to show how long this process truly takes when you are doing it by hand and not with a backhoe or tractors etc.. So the first thing after … Continue reading

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Green composting in place

I was able to watch some of Back To Eden yesterday and I will certainly plan to watch the rest, I was about 40 min into it and I very much liked the idea of how he creates soil but once … Continue reading

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Garden Monday- Apples/Ontario, Sea of Blue and Plants Swap..

Well, we all worried that this would happen, and here is the lastest news.. Sigh.. “A catastrophic freeze has wiped out about 80 per cent of Ontario’s apple crop  and has the province’s fruit industry looking at losses already estimated … Continue reading

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The Double Dug W Potato Bed

While I have played around with growing Potato’s in towers, in strawbales and even in last years “sacrifice outside winter feeding area” the way we grow most of our potato’s is in our double dug 3 foot wide W planted beds. … Continue reading

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Garden-My $2 dollar “cold frame” Horse Trough

Ok so I picked up this nice big metal water trough for $2 dollars as it was rusted though, now it was fixable if you had a welder but that was not what I wanted if for.. So the glass … Continue reading

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