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March Pantry Challenge 2015- 30 days of War Time Meals

Normally march challenge is us living out of the pantry but the truth is we just did that for a month of no buy feb  As always I invite others to join me if they want.. even if you only want … Continue reading

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Patchwork skirt in the making..

This lovely was found on itzy and if you are not crazy and thinking you want to make a patchwork skirt, then this lady and others will custom make one for you :) I love the type of this one … Continue reading

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Mung Bean Sprouts and Recipe..

Dried Mung Beans can be turned into wonderful home grown sprouts for use in a number of tasty dishes, I started sprouting about ten years ago as a way to be able to offer the hounds fresh ground greens once or twice … Continue reading

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Working for the greater good..

ok, compared to what lots of folks do this might seem minor but it still took hours of work now and will take hours on the back end. Somehow threw the magic of.. That’s a great idea… to lets do … Continue reading

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No Buy Feb is coming up fast on me this year..

Well, its a good thing I have been doing this for a while.. it makes getting ready for it fairly easy at this point and yet it also means I know how much this will hurt as well.. Yup, I … Continue reading

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Ham and Cabbage Soup Recipe- Flash Back Friday

Half a Head of Cabbage -Diced One med size Onion-Diced One clove Garlic 1/2 cup Barley 12 cups lamb bone broth 1/2 cup of left over chopped cooked ham 1/4th cup of dried Stinging Nettle Spices -A pinch of Basil, … Continue reading

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Canning up farm fruits in Winter

Doing up the odds and ends in the freezer these days.. now I surely would have caught these lovelies much earlier on a normal year but 3 bag held enough fruit to do a single jam or jelly recipe.. two however … Continue reading

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Laundry in Winter!

We all have that image, a warm sunny summer day, pretty bright sheets flapping in the wind, You in your pretty summer flock, with a sturdy laundry basket on your hip. O the smell when you breath it in, and … Continue reading

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Homemade Dark Baked Beans

I have been craving a big old pot of baked beans, its just a thick hearty dish perfect for winter, I just can not learn to like the local maple flavoured beans, I want the deep rich bacon tomato based … Continue reading

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Spending money to save in the long run.. New Washing Machine

Well, first a little health update, had to go back this week to the doctor, I needed a adjustment on my inhalers, they added in a long acting one twice a day and increased my rapid response one use per day. … Continue reading

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