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Quail Eggs

One of my hens is in production now, and at least one more is laying with the rest due to come online soon. Its such a thrill to find those wee eggs hidden in the hay of their back area … Continue reading

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Oven Roasted Garlic Scapes

This is not a recipe as it just so easy but it is good.. I overcooked mine a touch and it just meant that the thinner ones where all crispy and crunchy like wonderful fried onion bits, while the thicker … Continue reading

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Rasberry Row.. 2015

we have raspberry, first year one the farm, someone gave me a red fruiting bunch of baby, they produce small, tart berries very late in the fall till freeze up.. Last year we were part of a bulk plant buy … Continue reading

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Elderberry Cuttings

This is a interesting little project,  part working rooting cuttings, part community project and part growing for the food forest production. By this I mean that I need to learn how to produce more baby plants, I tend to lean … Continue reading

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Jerusalem artichokes.. a Early season delight

Spring food is hard to come by, sunchokes aka Jerusalem artichokes can help fill that early spring gap.. Clearly I need to add in new kinds that produce more, this kind that I got in a free plant swap, produce … Continue reading

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Green Food Box

I have written about our Green Food Boxes before.. but here is the general overview again.. We have a community supported program for a once a month green food box, you need to buy a share for ten dollars, you … Continue reading

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Sour Dill Rye Bread Recipe- Flash Back Post

Ok, so this is a different bread recipe, but I challange you to give it a try, its so good and nothing! like you are going to find in a store. This recipe is based out of the one in … Continue reading

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Mold or Damping off in seedlings. No Buy Feb

Well that did not take long, I had started a number of pots of mustard seeds to grow into mustard greens for use and while a goodly number of seeds started and are thriving, a number of them went to … Continue reading

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Mung Bean Sprouts and Recipe..

Dried Mung Beans can be turned into wonderful home grown sprouts for use in a number of tasty dishes, I started sprouting about ten years ago as a way to be able to offer the hounds fresh ground greens once or twice … Continue reading

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Meatlovers homemade Pizza

This bad boy has ham, bacon and homemade sausage.. three kinds of pork, some spice heavy tomato base and mozza cheese on my fresh bread bottom..

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