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Dry lot.. o my

We all have this wonderful thought that as a small farmer that we will never be like those big ag farms and to tell the truth I do my best to make sure that is true.. but sometimes.. just sometimes … Continue reading

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New Birth and MIA-Sheep

I will be in the mood soon to write more on my March Challenges but if you do not hear more from today, its because I am not a happy camper today.. It is with a sad heart that I … Continue reading

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We have Running Water!

Well, it took five days, a new part and some time but we have hot and cold running water again. I can very happy to have that lovely hot and cold running water in the house and in the barn … Continue reading

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Wells, Water and more Water..

I am going to be busy again today with adding in a few extra things but I will do my best to get at least two more posts up today, if I get in writer mode, I will get that … Continue reading

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Reader Question- The Farm

Hi Guys, I had a reader make a comment with a question that got my wheels spinning, it went along the lines of, you are so lucky (yes, I am) that you have the farm and do so many things with it, … Continue reading

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Its Cold out there

Its both cold and snowy on the farm, the critters are in hunker down mode, We finally sighed in defeat and turned on the heat lamps for the chickens and other fowl, they are loving it and it has increased … Continue reading

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Baby is cold outside.. Bedding.

Sometimes it really pays off to keep your ears open and to ask what folks are thinking about doing. in this case we are talking about Straw! aka warm bedding.. Normally I buy straw from the same supplier of my … Continue reading

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O my that is a lot of Beef..

Well, we sent Glenda to Freezer camp and not counting bones, organs or hide after being aged for two weeks and then done in a very certain cuts and sizes for us, the way it was done was tailored for … Continue reading

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Planning for Pasture Repairs

Two summers ago we had a drought that did a number on my pastures and then last year, we had a ok year in terms of weather but I was over stocked, I had allowed my sheep flock to get … Continue reading

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This and That Catchup post..

Glenda update: Glenda turned 3 weeks old on Monday and she is truly awesome, she is a healthy, active, full of herself calf, her training is coming along nicely, she is not learning at the rate of a bucket calf … Continue reading

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