Purple Yams and Giant White Radish came home with me..

I was so pleased to have found really good qaulity looking purpe yams to bring home, I also have a number of really nice orange yams and a huge Giant white Radish, the first plan is to make some yummy oven baked veggie chips, but that will only take a little bit of what I have waiting for me.

I know that I like oven roaster sweet potato (orange yam) with a drizzle of butter/maple syrup and a touch of salt, so I assume that I will enjoy the purple that way as well, I want to make a mixed cabbage/white raddish salad, and I want to try it diced hot in a stirfry type dish.

Otherwise, I am on the hunt for awesome recipes and ways to use purple, orange yams and giant white radish, so if you got them, and want to share with me, would love to here it.. There are a ton of recipes on the net but I always perfer first hand experance over just reading things..

On a side note, Dh wrote out what happened when I thought I would pick up a new candy treat, that I saw at the store, I read the name and thought, I think I’ve heard of that, its a fruit right.. lets give that a try.. So not, and as they say.. the rest of the story.. seen though the eyes of Dh’s.. as shared on one of his boards.

So Mrs. FG and I were in an Asian supermarket this afternoon, and she picked up a couple of snack items while I was off in a different aisle.
We get back on the road and she offers me some sort of coconut candy. I have one, don’t much care for it.
“Well, how about a durian candy?”, she asks, reaching for the other package.
Durian, I think. Where have I heard of that recently…?
“No thanks”, I say. “I seem to recall somebody said it wasn’t very good.”
“Suit yourself”, she says. She opens up the package, puts it up to her nose, and takes a breath. “Oh! OH! OH MY GOD THAT’S AWFUL IT SMELLS LIKE…LIKE ROTTING MEAT! OH MY GOD! SMELL IT!”
…and my right hand parries her left hand over the glove box, meaning I only get a mild sniff. Though that’s more than enough. I thank God for the damage my university chemistry courses did to my sense of smell.
“Are you serious?”, I ask.
I scored a two-pointer from the driver’s seat, roll up the window, and laugh my a#% off as I merge back into traffic.
FG comment, I am not sure I took the lords name in vain that many times… but its not my version of the story.. :P
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4 Responses to Purple Yams and Giant White Radish came home with me..

  1. Brenda J. Elliott says:

    Am on the run but just had to drop by and send you the link to the “Sweet Potato Power” book. So glad you’re doing well, too. Think I’ve lost between 25 and 30 pounds since June 10. Almost did a lotus position crosssing my legs while sitting on my sofa today. Haven’t done one of those in decades, literally.

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    I’m thinking that the trick to eating durian for the first time is much like buckwheat honey (just plug your nose; ) ’cause once you get past the smell…

  3. Kodi says:

    Love, love daikon. Grate into miso broth, cut in matchsticks in stir fry, great in salads. Run it through a mandoline as raw crinkle fries on a crudités tray. Even better than jicama.

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