Fresh Pork Belly with Ribs – 13.2 pds

Whole Fresh Pork Belly with Ribs still attached

A nice rack of pork ribs, I split into two portions, each one enough to feed two peaple.

Eight one pd (or close to one pd) peices of bacon to be.. hmmm, that looks so good even now, and the fresh smell was heavenly.. I think this peice will be my offical fresh bacon offering on the meat challange.

Out of the trimming, I got a pound an half of wonderful meat that I have turned into pork stew meat, or I might grind it up, not sure yet.

Fresh bits of side pork, that will be fried up and used in the next day or two..

A 3/4th full crockpot of fat cut into little bits to render down over the next while, will leave me cracklings for later use as well.

What started as a huge slab, ended in so many different parts and bits, all will be used carefully and it will make many different meals to be.

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2 Responses to Fresh Pork Belly with Ribs – 13.2 pds

  1. Canadian Doomer says:


  2. It certainly will be, the fat is about half way, but it sure has the house smelling good, can’t wait for fresh bacon, I have never done the pork jowl, I normally use it to make head cheese instead.

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