Fire.. Fort Mac


Thank you to everyone that is working on the front lines in the Fort Mac area..  this fire is been beyond anything that anyone could have expected.

This is a brief update.. My Father is safe in a work camp, over a hour away from the fire..  My Mom who was visiting my Big Brother and Family was able to drive out with help to my Aunties and should be able to make the rest of the trip today to her home.. My Big Brother and Family got out ahead of the evac orders both for the city and for their own home and area..

I am grateful to here that my friends brothers are safely out.. my friends daughter and family are waiting for a flight out, after have been moved first to the camps..  They will be safe soon, I am grateful to hear that my cousin’s husband is on his way home from the camps and will safely home very soon..

For the tens of thousands that are still waiting for news that their loved ones are safe, have a way out and still need to arrive.. you are in my thoughts and prayers.

To my friends (with a special note to Jenn) who are working this front line.. stay SAFE!

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Every Now and Again.. we need a do-over

I know its not just me.. everyone has a day or a hour where they just wish they had a do over.. you know those days, you struggle to get up, or you fly up to deal with something and somehow.. somehow on that day, its seems like little things add up..

Sometimes its totally out of our control but sometimes I feel like we do it to ourselves.. Hear me out..

So this morning, I woke up on time but I had decided that I would not take any pain meds despite a heavy busy, active and work heavy weekend, I wanted to get a idea of where I was at, and the answer was sore.. but my arm is healing, which makes sense as I had booked at medical appointment to have follow up so it improved a lot before it..

None the less, it was a slow and sweet start to my Monday.. right until my hubby said.. o by the way, when I was out with the dogs, Bullwinkle is not in his safe, warm hut, he is outside in the back corner of his pen.. and I was up and snarling..

Now, in my mind, I have been relaxing and to be honest, just playing on the computer, I had assumed that if there was a issue, he would have told me when he came in the house.. not 45 min later…  I knew I had to get up at a certain time to do his feeding..

Now I am up and the questions are firing.. did you check him, is he warm, is he dry, is the bedding dry..  and the answer comes back, he did not check on him.. and out the door I fly in my flip-flops (I am going to pay for that later) and I go into his pen and he is up and coming.. GOT MILK.. I give him a check over and he looks and is acting great but as will happen when switching from whole raw milk to powdered milk, he is loose stooled.. its yogurt thick and I am already treating him to be on the safe side..

But there is only one way to make sure he is doing ok, and that is a thermometer check, let me tell ya, he was not happy about where it needed to go and so he said.. want to check my poo.. here let me give you a sample…  Ok, then..

Thankfully, no fever, temp is normal.. excellent!  We had moved him to a pen close to the house with shelter in it, now that shelter fits a sheep or a goat perfectly but Bullwinkle would not go in the right way, he needs to go in and turn sideways and then curl up, as he is already bigger then most of my sheep or goats but he was in lock down and not going to the big barn till he pasts his health checks..  and so with the way he was laying, he was getting rain drops off the roof on his butt..

which bothered me.. ALOT, now I am sure that other folks would have said.. he will move.. but me.. I go.. he is going to get damp, and then he is going to get chilled and then we are going to have a sick calf.. so late yesterday, I said to hubby, we need to move him, and I wanted him moved to a pen that was still in need of a big time spring clean out from winter deep pack but its had everything else I wanted, a bigger hut, closed pen, tree’s and a big wall for wind protection but area for sunshine an so forth..

So we cleaned out the bedding enough in the cold spring rain and we bedded everything down and we moved him, because otherwise, I knew I would not get a good sleep.. so I went to bed with a well feed calf sleeping in his bedded hut..

Which is why I came up like a growling bear at the news that he was laying in the back corner and having no answers as to WHY and is he ok.. and he is just fine..

So I sigh, look down at my soaked wet feet that have had liquid stuff seep into my flip-flops and I turn and start to walk out of the pen, and my foot slips in the rubber and woof, the legs go out, my butt hits the ground, well not really, it hits a nice soft deep pack wet bedding and I am soaked just like that.. and I reach my hand out to push up and it slides into duck poo..

Now I figure I had three choices -Cry (please, over poo.. not) Laugh (which I will be honest, would be more normal response) or scream- Yup, that’s what I did, I let loose a short sharp very primal scream, and then I let language fly.. o I was creative and it was colorful but it won’t be repeated on the blog.. its as very 18 plus LOL

and then I got up and went in the house and straight to the shower, a pile of wet, dirty and poo covered cloths went to the floor and me and my flip-flops went into the shower..


Now I sit, dressed for the second time today with a hot cuppa LOL  I am officially pushing a do over starting right now:)


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Introducing Bullwinkle, the new Beef calf

Bullwinkle is a week old dairy-beef cross bull calf, we picked him up and hauled him home, he has been feed a few times already and is a nice close to the house pen, one to keep very close eye on and two, because will not be moved to the barn for a week in regard for health checks etc



Lucky enough to buy my calves from local dairy just down the road, and I know that they get three days of mommas milk before being moved to general milk, makes a huge difference in health. Having said that, I have moved him to 4 feedings a day while moving over to powdered milk and to a bottle where he was on a bucket, its better for him to drink slower, work his nursing skills and create a lot more saliva etc


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Roasted Quail Legs with pan-fried veggies on sqaush


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Moving Birds Around..

P1060599We did chores, worked in the yard, moved the birds from winter digs to summer, moving and splitting into breeding pens..



I am thrilled that this week, I was able to feed fodder and greens to the rabbits daily from the yard and gardens



the spring hay bale gardens are planted and they will get pre=started plants at the end of may as well, the pop-up are slowly coming now..




the self-seeded are just starting to show up, baby mustard plants


so far its a dry spring, one good spring rain and I have been watering which at this time of the year I should not be.. well, I had better get back at it



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Mucking out..

what a great day, did some shopping at the feed store, had a date lunch out with hubby and we spent the afternoon and early evening working on the farm..


Cleaned out the rabbit hutches and added more bedding in the inside areas, the litters are looking good so far..


Spent time with crème and Burlee the new goat kids, they are passing all their health checks with flying colors..




we mucked out a good size pen, it was already self-composting in place, got to love well done deep pack and it was added to a number of beds, they will get a dirt dressing on top and it will be for the very heavy feeders


this bed used to be a cold box but it was really in the wrong spot, so I said enough, but we built a hill on the back side, so taking it would be a ton of work, dropped in composting straw bales, then a bird load of mixed bird and rabbit and will cover that will my own done soil and plant it up


Self-seeded something for sure.. but sure what.. pulled some, rabbits like it, will grow some out and see what it turns out to be..



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Juno’s has Kidded..

After a calm steady afternoon of care, juno had a lovely set of twin bucklings, the darker kid was born first with the cream second..


These are very new, just born photo.. Both have been up, nursed and where dipped and the whole family carefully tucked into a freshly bedded stall, I am very pleased with the shape, size and teat placement on juno’s bag..

She birthed well, was very much a instant mom, bonded and gentle.. steady and calm with us humans.. everything you could hope for in a first time fresher..

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Rhubarb Crisp Recipe

I can honestly say that I have been making this recipe for so many year, that I can not remember the last time I read the official recipe.. but this is close..

  • 8 to 10 cups of rhuabarb, fresh or frozen.
  • a heaping tbsp. of flour
  • 2 heaping tbsp. of sugar
  • a pinch of salt and a pinch of ginger


  • quarter cup of butter
  • half a cup of brown sugar
  • 1 cup of flour
  • 1 cup of oatmeal
  • Pinch of salt..

Blend the dry together first, then cut the cold or room temp butter into the dry and rub it though, in the end it should be loose and well blended but hold just a touch if asked.


The key to good crisp is how to put the topping on, you need a light covering on it and then you gently kind of mound it at the middle..  the bake time varies up to ten or so min, depending on how juicy the fruit is.. you want to see bubbles of boiling juice on the edges and golden brown topping..

Can be served hot, cold, plain, or with whip cream or ice cream..


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Its slowly greening up..

What a quiet and lovely day it has been today, a rest day as they say..

P1060551 (2)

Napping can be a wonderful thing indeed..  This wee bundle is called Marble, and now we have three kittens on the farm this year..   an Marble makes three..  three lovely kittens that have joined the farm’s purrpots pride.. we will see who stays and who might get a new home off the farm..

Tuesday, was a ladies day.. one of those magic moment where a group of women gather, its a joy really.. they all knew me but while strangers meet in the morning, I think I can say that friendships were made.  We spent the morning visiting and playing with boxes, and totes of seeds, picking and share the bounty, no one left empty handed.. Then we had the most awesome potluck lunch and got busy planting out trays of seeds and transplanting baby tomato’s, peppers, and rhubarb seedlings..


it was great fun! we put those tomato babies into their big grow out pots and they were tucked in right to their leaves so that all the stem can grow more roots and create a strong plant to be moved out in five weeks give or take on my last frost dates..


We started more tomato’s cabbages, cucumbers and so much more.. just a handful of so many things, the push to get a few more of this and that to produce the first eating crops..


Afterwards it was perfect timing for tea and cake and more visiting..  Weds arrived bright and sunny..  and Farm Helper GG arrived to give a hand..

We got more layers planted into the teepee, we got all the early plantings into the front garden, and then we started on the main garden front area.. I am not sure how we forgot before photos.. but it was a lovely old mess with everything having overwinter but by the time we called it on Weds.. it was coming a long really well..


The front rows of fencing was already planted into peas a week ago, but the rest is being cleaned and prepped, it will be finished being planted by this weekend and I will do a proper walk about for you.. Are you getting your hands into soil yet?


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Breakfast on the river bank


Yesterday, we took a hike down a river edge and farmers fields early in the morning and had our breakfast on the river bank..



We also took a hike over and across a hay field and these two just begged to be taken in black and white..


Grandfather tree above and this fence to no where.. this was the whole fence.. what was left of something..


Then we went to town and I got a few fresh things, the forage pickings on and off the farm is so slim at the moment, last week, the only things I could forage was Bloody dock leaves, Stinging Nettles, Strawberry Leaves and SunChokes..  just not enough..   I am craving fresh so much!

I also am craving color and so I said to hubby, do you think that the local greenhouse is open, they will have little pansy’s ready already, they always do.. I knew that I would not buy a basket but I could buy a little set or two and make my own basket, so we turned in and then hubby said.. hey check this out.. Pink Blueberries..


Photo not mine, off the net, but gives you the idea..

How cool, so four new Pink Lemonade Blue Berry Bushes came home to the farm as well. I will keep them in their pots for a while yet and take the time needed to prepare their ground well and add them into the food hedges..

Any of you growing pink lemonade blueberries and if so, want to share what you think of them, some say, they taste like blueberry and other say they have hints of lemonade to them..

We spent a good amount of time mowing and taking back a area that got away from us last year.. we are mowing early this year with the mulching blades as I did not want to rake it all, but now that is nice and open, I can carefully put Juno out for a graze as goat control but it must be done very carefully or she will be happy to eat many things I do not want eaten:)

Still waiting on my goat kids but her bag is developing nicely, really liking what I am seeing so far, and her baby bump is growing daily at this point..







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