March Photo Challenge 2015- 2nd




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March 2nd- The Canadian Wartime Recipe Challenge 2015


A hundred million pounds of Spam were shipped overseas during the war, and it was one of the key impacts on the home front in support of the troops,” he said Saturday.imagesP7YR0FA2

Many U.S. troops became all too familiar with the canned Hormel pork product, packaged in durable and easy to ship rectangular cans. So much so that, at times many of them found they couldn’t bear to eat another bite.
Others, though, couldn’t get enough.
“We never had enough of it for it to really become a problem,” said Bob McKee, a Palm Springs resident and docent at the museum who fought in the Pacific theater.
He said he was more often fed frozen mutton and other sheep products that came from New Zealand and Australia wrapped in giant burlap bags.
“I couldn’t even stand to look at that stuff,” he said, talking about the mutton.
Spam became a major protein source for the British, and Soviet Union Premier Nikita Kruschev said it saved the Russian Army.



Pork with Ham, Salt, Water, Modified Potato Starch, Sugar, Sodium Nitrite.

now the ways it was used then compared today is quite limited but still very tasty. Folks even make homemade spam, giving control over the process.

We are going with Three Spam Dishes for todays menu, making my one can of spam get more more bang for the buck


Spam, egg with onion for breakfast



Toasted Spam and pickle with tomato sandwich



Fried Spam with beans and veggies for supper


So there you have Spam in three ways but we all know that is so many more ways to eat spam…

Which leads me to my first reader challenge..  you are welcome to send me recipes and or comments from your own family lore in regards to the things we are talking about..

Once a week, I will add them all, Make at least one for the post and do a Reader feedback recipe post!

I have a very interesting recipe given to me in regards to the oatmeal for breakfast, its different and I am looking forward to trying it as a breakfast during the challenge.

So tell me… do you have any long time Spam recipes in your family cookbook! Dish them on out!..



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Peanut Butter Cheesecake Fluff Recipe

Ok, first off lets just say, its not a real cheesecake, I am not even sure why its called that other then it had creamed cheese in it.

This recipe is a mix and a flob to two recipes I read online and then played with.. The base of the idea came from this recipe However as you will see it got changed up.

DSCN4787Farmgals Peanut Butter Cheesecake Fluff Dessert Treat.

  • 1 standard basic pack of cream cheese room temp
  • half a cup of smooth peanut butter, I used Kraft
  • 1 tub of cool whip
  • 1 roll of phillo dough
  • Chocolate sauce
  • Carmel sauce
  • 1 small bag of Reeses Peanut Butter cups minis, chopped into fours

,In a oven at 350 out your thawed phillo dough into a pan that will allow the corners to lift and create a bowl, bake till done, then cool, then remove from the pan or not.. your call..

In a mixing bowl with beaters, beat the cream cheese till fluffy. Add in the peanut butter, beat till fluffy again, then add in the cool whip and gently fold it in, until all mixed threw, and put into the cooled pastry bowl, then drizzle chocolate and carmel over top, and cover with the chopped up cups..

Chill, slice smaller portions to serve, its rich and sweet!

Reviews : Out of five what is the score..

C- its a Nine

B- Its over a ten

A- Its like a million..

DH- Its rocks dear..

And there you have it, from my end, it was awesome.. I personally if making for myself, I would have put less toppings and might even go with a nut to cut the sweetness a touch, and I have to try making this with a chocolate crumb base.. o my..

None the less everyone that had it loved it.. I will add a picture later today of a cut piece so you can see how it held together, which is does wonderfully..

Ps, yes I know its not a typical Farmgal recipes but it was a birthday request from my man on a dessert he say on a menu and wanted me to try and make..


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March Photo Challenge 2015 – 1st


Sméagol  is one of the big old barn cat boys who snuck into the house this morning for a nap in the sun..

DSCN4778 (2)

The view from below Caleb when he stands over me and I look way up!


hmmm, peanut butter cheesecake fluff dessert for DH birthday

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Happy Birthday to Dear Hubby





You are a man of many talents.. and I am grateful that you are my husband. Hard Worker, writer, farmer and my best friend in so many ways..


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March 1st – The Canadian Wartime Recipe Challenge 2015

Good Morning,

Well, I have been researching and doing more researching and I wish I had thought to decide to do this with o, a couple months notice to be able to order books, but I might just do that and consider doing another month in summer-fall, we will see..

So the plan is that hubby will get to have his regular breakfast and lunch, plus take to work snacks and then will become part of the 30 days challenge with the supper meals and after supper desserts etc..

I on the other hand am in for the full day, that includes everything from breakfasts to lunches to suppers.. * Other then my hubbies Birthday supper and dessert, that is off limits! I will still prepare a meal for the challenge but it will either breakfast or lunch that day.

This will be based on the Canadian perspective as much as possible with a few things here and there in regards to info from England.

I had to do a lot of figuring out on this.. you see, most of the stuff is done in regards to city or town info and yet it says over and over again.. but there is such a difference between urban and rural..

So this means that while I will be giving stats and notes and information in regards to urban, town or cities, this challenge Will be coming from the rural Canadian perspective

Which has already turned up some very interesting info both in regards to the multi-faced rules per the goverments but as tidbits of info coming from my own family and elders and community cookbooks  with household tints and tips from that time frame

I could not have picked a harder month to do this in.. which is of course why I picked March as my big challenge month, months from the last harvests, and before pretty much anything comes new and green on the farm.

But do not worry, this farmgal has some tricks up her blouse, o yes she does..  There was much greater flexability that came with being a small holder, and we are going to keep this as true to real life as possible..

(yes, that means that I will as the month goes on perhaps do some black market barter, or it might mean that I will be giving a certain extra or two to local families in need).

Also in keeping with my own family, I intend to do a little hunting, and trapping (not in the true sense because its out of season on the one and not allowed on the other) but as I was raised hearing about my dad needing to hunt Partridge and my other family members needing to trap rabbits, my wild game that will just popup, will be something I have on the farm that will be *caught*, might even throw in a *fishing* trip in there..

So week one sees us in the early stages of Rationing 1942.. we have a ration on Tea, Coffee and Sugar..

Which puts us at 12 oz of sugar per adult in the house, 12 oz of Tea and Coffee..

Two adults in our household would put us at 24 oz of sugar for the week. This will only last three days before it will be moved to a mear 8oz per adult and at the same time butter will become rationed at half a pound per person a week..

Those are the basic rations for our first week BUT I am going to keep the meals to what would have been available at that time, including fats, spices, and so much more..

Our first Meal of the day is going to be so important!..


Canadian Wartime  Breakfast #1

Oatmeal with sheeps milk and a tiny pinch of salt.



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The Great Butternut land Race Growout 2015- The Seeds are in my hands

I got my seeds on Saturday feb 28th, I have been gifted with 80 seeds. see my general instructions below.

I have sent you a mix of seeds for short season butternuts to be grown out and selected for best fruit. Within this are some of my own seeds that have already gone through one season of selection but there are other varieties including Greta’s Canadian Crookneck and so forth.

For those of you that have less experience growing butternut, they are a good storage squash, with medium hard skin and solid stems resistant to squash vine borer and fine sweet flavoured flesh. Some are used as a zucchini such as trombocino (I didn’t include these seeds as it’s a separate project but could be a side observation for those interested). They have a reputation as fruiting later than some of the other species but grow well for me in this climate.

Plant after last frost in warm soil or pre start no more than 4 weeks early I’d say if you have issues with soil or pests that would warrant that. I have not done any fertility amendment with mine but started with bermed beds so there was inherent fertility. I also rotate where I grow my vining crops. My squash are usually in the soil by late May (weather dependent) but I know some of you may not be able to get them in the ground until June so you might want to give them a few weeks headstart or do half and half to see if direct seeding is a priority for your purposes. As plants will vary in size, I can’t say exactly what spacing should be but at least 4 feet.

Please include your goals but I’d say the first goals are:

a) ripening

b) good shape for use

c) storage

d) disease resistance

e) sprouting in cool soil potentially for some of you.

Pictures throughout the season would be GREAT! That way if you have questions or issues, we can comment on them and also as a way of documenting your growing techniques.

At the end of the season, post a picture of your harvest or send in any info you may have collected including date of sowing, spacing, seeds sown, germination rates, growth rates, flower dates, fruit set and so forth. We’ll also keep a record of weather. Also record your soil type or any other about your growing conditions such as whether they were grown in part sun (urban consideration) or were irrigated.

Send back about the same amount (or a larger amount if possible) of seed you were given from a mix of your best fruit. So best to wait until you have used all your best fruit and collect the seeds from them, dry really well and then put in a jar to mix them around. Try to rouge out any seed that is damaged, diseased or empty.

Thank you!!! Looking forward to doing this project with all of you.

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No Buy Feb 2015- week 4 overview

This last week flew by, it was very busy, nothing really new compared to last week, overall it was just move along nicely.. I made a nice turnip soup, a half fresh grated turnip-carrot- apple salad, I made oven roasted veggies, the green box took the pressure off.

Saturday was eco farm day and I did enjoy coffee, apple juice, lots of water, the muffins were good, and lunch was included, some was very good, a carrot salad and the greek salad very nice, wonderful fresh bun with fab cheese, the rest that I tried.. eh and the beef was truly yuk to my taste buds being used to my own.


I know that the above seems a bit negative but as a farmer, as a garden and often in life to give yourself the freedom to know that the first and or last plan is wrong and will need Ajustements is gold!

The company was lovely, and I even got to travel with someone this year to and from and that was great fun.. Got seeds for the great growout

Gifts this week

One cup of to go tims large coffee

Money that was saved

  • Regular allowance for both him and her -20
  • ebooks- 10
  • Movie allowance normal got every two weeks, split into weekly-20
  • Church basement-5
  • Coffee out- 2
  • Grocery- 50

Total Savings to date : 408 dollars in total.




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A new note to the song that is the farm


O yes, I stepped out to do something outside again, for the 5th or was it 8th time and heard it, that pure sweet sound.. a new note on the farm song.. I froze… and waited and it came again.. pure and sweet, heart warming and uplifting,

Now I have a better sense of where and eyes started scanning that big old tree.. and there is was… a spring bird, early for sure (good thing I have food out) high up and as my mind went…

Spring, he opened his beak and out poured the most beautiful rift, once, Twice and a third time he sang out and the whole farm held their breath an movement.. and it held…  well that is different for everyone, spirit, magic, soul, peace…



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Baked Rabbit on a bed of Dates and Onion.. Flash Back Fridays Recipe

Looking for a interesting way to use up a nice big old rabbit leg with thigh attached, this is a lovely way to do so, serve with a side of mashed, or green salad or mixed fresh veggies..

This is as easy as it gets, take a baking dish just as big as needed to fit your rabbit legs, put a layer of dried dates down, lay your thawed or fresh but aged rabbit legs over top of them, peel and slice big thick onion and layer it one top, add enough water to cover the dates, salt and pepper the dish, cover and bake till the meat is well done, take out and mash the dates/onion together, leaving the liquid in the baking dish, or about half of it anyway.. serve as the bed, and then put your rabbit leg on top, drizzle with the liquid on top and serve with your choosen side dish..

Not raising your own rabbits, just a touch to costly for you given the size of your family? No worries, I got you covered, how to take two legs and feed alot more folks coming up next!

2012-12-24 2012-12-24 070 001 (500x375)

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