Fresh tomato sauce with Beef meatballs

Yesterday I was picking fresh paste tomatos, these amazing small dark yellow and orange ones and of course a few deep red plum style ones as well.


I chopped them into large pieces and into a pot, added salt, pepper, a tiny touch of dry keens powdered mustard , and a big old pat of butter and simmer to blend flavour together

I took a quarter pound of beef ground and added salt, pepper, and lots of fresh dill, cooked then in a bit of bacon fat, three min per side med heat, then take the meatballs out, and pour your tomato sauce, chunks in to deglaze the pan.


Make your pasta as normal and because I had company, I did it in big bowl to serve and then mixed before dishing up, rave reviews, tender little meatballs, the fresh tomatoes were picked ripe five min before making,.. this dish was all about show casing them.

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Tucked away in a old cookbook.. Runt Piglet Milk Recipe


I found this in a cold cookbook that I got, not done the research on if its really a good balance, I would add in some live active cultured yogurt to help with tummy but otherwise, its pretty solid to other recipes that I have personally used over the years

I love the warm to blood temps, old recipes just assume you know the basics, that you know to beat the egg, that the whole milk would be fresh from the cow and that clearly everyone would have cod liver oil in the house.

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Old vs new

Where does frugal cross the line from saving to costing us more

When the 21 year old dryer that came with our farm broke weeks ago, I just moved everything to the line drying.. which is used a lot but I need the dryer to remove pet hair from our clothing.

when the farm sale (for 20 bucks) older fridge started acting up, I limped along until it truly broke..

When our trusty old van started giving warning signs, I listened but we still got over two years worth of drive her sweet time out of the old girl.

and then there is my kitchen floors, they needed repair work, we had patched them over the years on the farm.. but the truth was, we really need to pull the lino and replace.

As it turns out we also need to replace the whole subfloor as well..

Now I could have gone on Kijji and found replacements and that is just what I did for our new to us lovely 4 by 4 suv with hitch we are the trucks 4th owner and she has been very well looked after, and if we continue to do so, we should easily get a good number of years with her.

But after talking it over, based on one thing, a very big thing.. we went new for both the dryer and the fridge. The dryer in power costs savings to move to the new model is huge, and add in the fact that it has a senser that turns it off when the cloths are dry, regardless if I turned the timer for longer and it is just awesome.

In Ontario, they say that the cost of hydro will go up 40 percent of the next four years.. that is a crazy hike, and so with those kind of prices, the savings on the new, will repay itself even faster

the fridge was chosen as a big all fridge, because we have a freezer in the main floor and because I wanted to ideally stop running two fridges for half the year or more. Milking takes up a lot of room, and then all harvest season long, I need the room.

It also has a fast chill setting with will be amazing with the fresh milk and small soft fruits..

The floor is different, we thought we could do it quickly.. wrong.. but when its done, it will be good for another ten, 15 or twenty years, As a dear friend said, normally folks do this kind of deep repair and redo to get a place ready to sell.. you my dear, get to enjoy it after.. I loved that way of seeing it.

I called in some help in a number of ways, I called a friend to scrape the van for cash(paid for our new toilet that uses half the water per flush, yes on the well water) I called to have scape metal (the old dryer-fridge and a freezer) hauled away

Add to that for the third time since on the farm, we rented a huge bin and we are doing another farm cleanup, the repair work first, then the farm cleanup. One of the things that we are most excited about, is that we are allowed to put yard waste in the bin, all our bags of sun cooked wild parsnip we have pulled over the season will be heading off the farm..

The pocket book is whimpering but lets face it, in savings, tax free or the like, I can get a better return putting it into saving money on the power bill and see a better return and that is so very sad indeed

What about you, have your replaced anything in the past year to help save money in the long run.

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Stepping out of my comfort Zone

No photos from this event as hubby stayed home that day, but I did another couple public speaking event in aug.

I did a backyard chicken and Quail talk, well, I meant to do that but it ended up that the focus was on chickens, lots of questions and feedback, I did bring speaking notes, which helped keep me on point but I am also ways that I do a lot of free flow in terms of answering questions from the folks that attended.

Then I did a critter kit overview.. love my critter kits..

Then I did a talk on training your eye and creating a wild food map..

This was a interesting talk, it covered the basics of learning , shape, color and movement, using  the seasons to find and forage wild food both in country and city.. Creating a food map.

Where I lost everyone was when I asked what to do in each of the four seasons  in regards to learning and a tracking info.

So before I write the answer here in a day or two… hopefully with quotes from readers..

In spring, you look for flowers, marking trees or bushes on your map and on the bush to find later, you would also track water movements and so forth..

But this one appears to be the one that surprised most.. what are the big things in winter that you would be watching for.. in regards to creating your food map..

An GO!

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Ha, back online, but right in the middle of a floor reno..

So while I am so excited to have a new laptop and to be back online, I am also crazy busy, so today is a photo update..


The in full cover amazing bean teepee.. and if you facebook at link to a video we put up on the farm page there.


Then one of hubby in the inside for you..

Then one of my old boy relaxing on the new lino, whiles it being relaxed and laid out in the living room..


I hope to get a true post up for you in the 24 to 48, till then.. photos it is.. so much new to share its coming!

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Sweet with heat Hot pepper jelly

I chopped up two different colored hot peppers, made the basic jelly from the pecton package and voila.. sometimes simple is delightful. I though nicely hot, hubby thought very hot and my other taste tester says med heat.


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The pumpkin patch is filled with color and they are getting bigger by the day

The pumpkin plants are doing well, its that time of year, all small taken off and feed to pigs, the blooms taken off, and everything into the current ones till frost now

How are everyone pumpkins growing this, to the big ones are current around 18 to 24 inches high and 52 to 61 inches long, the medium size are like very large standard Halloween size ones currently, figure they have another four weeks of growth.




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RIP Tippy Toes

I do not write much about critters that are born and raised for freezer camp but Tippy was different, bought in a box at the local bird sale a few years ago, she was sold bred as a meat rabbit for a mear five dollars, I snapped her up, looked in the box and laughed.

Tippy was a lot of things but meat rabbit was not one of them, a great breeder, a amazing momma, but she was little..

She was also a pet, I stopped breeding her last year and I made her the rank of pet, I had told hubby, she moved to pet, and therefor I expected many more years with her, in truth I have no idea how old, she was full size to her when arrived, she was proven etc

I have had a lot of rabbits on the farm, but I have only ever had one tippy toes!


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photo update for you… so much new, but still no computer at moment








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No computer at the moment :)

Hi Folks, very limited access to hubbies work computer, I am waiting for a part for mine before it will be back online..

Hope Everyone is doing well.. we will be back :)


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