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Thank you warmer temps and longer light

The Hens are starting to lay again! so excited to have more eggs starting to come in each day.. Wordless Weds, still warm eggs are a tiny moment of sweetness and light in my life.

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Duck Eggs-So Good for you!

I was thrilled to find still warm fresh duck eggs waiting for me this morning, with so many of my chickens sitting on eggs, we have not been getting that many in the house each day so it was pleasure … Continue reading

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Beefed up Corn Pudding Recipe with Mashed!

Beefed up Corn Pudding recipe Inspired by Kodi’s Aunts Recipe but also by a recipe found in Fat-Back and Molasses, a collection of favourite old recipes from Newfoundland and Labrador. 1 onion-Peeled and finely diced 1 cup cooked and diced Leftover Beef 2 … Continue reading

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March Challange 4th- I love my draft cow!

The weather is better today but I needed to do more hauling and the drifts are wicked to say the least, I had let Girl out to feed at the big hay feeder and then looked at her, and thought.. … Continue reading

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March Challange Report -2nd

So the answer to am I going to go fix my mistake of not getting my last food buying is no, In the past if farm work, or weather meant that the you didn’t get to town, then they would … Continue reading

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Food Storage Friday 02/24/2012

This weeks fresh food buy came out to a today of 8.88, it included a small purple cabbage, a med to large green cabbage, a bunch of banana’s (6), two chinese pears, one large box of mushrooms and one english … Continue reading

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The Fresh Egg Cookbook by Jennifer Thompson

I love my chickens for many reasons, getting a few layers was one of the very first things we did when we moved to the farm. Is there anything better then fresh eggs?  The chickens do so much more than … Continue reading

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Friday’s Food Storage 2/12/2012

What a week its been for food storage, I can see signs of spring on the farm, the snow has melted around the big tree’s, the chickens are busy under the rabbit hutches and in the compost piles, I watched one … Continue reading

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They are early! New Pullets First Eggs..

Remember this little tikes from late last fall, a nice mix of slower growing laying hens for my coming flock for 2012? Well they were to start laying in March.. but look what was in the nest box’s. Our first … Continue reading

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Dark Day’s Meal #6-Corned Duck Hash with Dippy Egg -Breakfast Meal

I know that the meals are being a little back to back, but I am trying to get caught up, so hope you won’t mind to much that I doing two dark day meals one day apart.. This was a … Continue reading

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