Close calls.. one little thing! and bam

Hello folks

Well, like most of the rest of the eastern Ontario, we knew that a big old storm was pushing its way in, we had already had two days of storming, and snow but now it was going to get tricky, freezing rain, sleet, ice pellets and more snow, and a couple days worth of storm, not just one and done..

So after we cleared away the last of the night before’s snow, we headed into town in the morning to finish up some last min shopping, get to the second hand shop so I could pick up some size 4 and 6 childrens sweaters to turn into winter hound coats for my one old pup, so that it gets a little bit of weather protection.

We were not off the farm more then two hours, and we had done all our morning chores and put out extra hay just before we left..

So imagine my surprise and the heart race that came when we got home and say that the big main gate was broken open, the cow and calf in the yard, worse yet, having broken into a feed bag and stuffing her face (more on that in a bit), the hay bales, pushed around, and hay scattered, we drove the cow and calf into the field and called for the horses, the sheep flock came but no horse’s..

O My Goodness! O NO!!! no horses in the yard, no horses in the pastures, no horses in the barn, they were not on the farm.. called and called, scanned the fields left and right, nothing, knew that being horses they would go anywhere we had ridden them without a thought to it.. that is a pretty good area to cover..

But first things first, lets check to see if they went to their riding buddies on the farm across the road, sure enough.. there they were, standing with the herd on the outside of the fence and the herd hanging with them, on the inside of the fence, they were safe and sound and happy to see us, came when called and walked right up to be lead rope clicked on, and followed us home.

I will admit that I burst into tears when I realized they were gone and I didn’t have a clue where they were, and then I cried a bit when I found them.. I know, I know.. being a girl but so be it.

So get them home, sheep are fine but the cow, well the cow is already swelling, which makes sense as she just eat somewhere between 30 to 40 pounds or so of grains.. frickity, frack! now I am on bloat watch..

Walking, walking, burping, farting, cud chewing and lots of checks, I am very pleased to report that while she is still bigger bellied then I would like to see, she has made it just fine and I think given that she is up, walking, pooing and burping and eating her hay, that the odds are safe to say, that all is going to be well.

Still, there was flash backs to my childhood on when a large much loved critter got into the grain bin, o how I hate bloat..

Woke up this morning to a world of white ice/snow, everything that was cleared yesterday, is back and it brought friends, one more day of this storm they say, and then we will be though the worst of it.. hope they are right!

Still have power at this point, how you are my friends that live close enough to be effected by it!

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7 Responses to Close calls.. one little thing! and bam

  1. Wow, what a nightmare for you. Glad all the critters and you are ok. Do you know how they managed to get out?

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Well, it’s been gone for a whole now and we are left with over an inch of ice. Waiting for sunshine and/or plus degrees (not likely): to lighten the (ice)load out there and praying for no wind…
    Hope you’re all well. Thank God all’s well that ends well; )

  3. Verla Sharp says:

    Glad everything is now okay.

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