New rooster.. and more

Well, lets see got a new hen called Henny (she came with the name) and she is a lovely black girl who is going broody and so she needed to be moved from her old farm to mine.. very nice girl, nice big large pale brown eggs..

She came to the farm with a new rooster.. Cuddles Rooster disappeared (fox? or ?) not sure..  he still needs a name..

2013-01-01 1859 (466x600)

And I am now on the hunt for a big dual purpose rooster, to add to the flock, the birds have all recovered and we have had no issues since we did the treatment, we are still going to do the second round just for safety sake.

The peacocks have settled in so well, they are such lovely birds, calm, steady, sweet, they figured out the farms routines in a day flat and have been a true pleasure to have here.. I have only seen him spread his tail once so far..

I’m still snotty and tired fast but slowly, ever so slowly getting better..  had my second ride on Bruno (Caleb?) , So great parts, some learning parts and a few.. challenges.. (are you sure, you don’t want to run and play with the other horse’s, are you sure we want to go though that gate, are you sure we want to do this?) its all about leadership :)

2013-01-01 1866 (600x472)

His ability to cue from verbal, leg or bit is outstanding, he needs a soft touch, and has a very gentle mouth..

My maple syrup while a very short run indeed (I am hoping that with this cold weather, I get just a few more days yet) was far lacking what I had hoped, the color and taste is a delight..

2013-01-01 1868 (524x600)



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First Ride…

2013-01-01 1857 (319x600)

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Welcome home..

2013-01-01 1816 (450x600)

First photo on the farm!

2013-01-01 1817 (600x485)

Matched set in size.. Lovely..

2013-01-01 1822 (600x573)

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Still Flooded.. still sick..

Hello Gang,

Well the flood waters from yesterday are still there, now I don’t have permission to post the photo but I had a good laugh last night, the flooding came in pretty fast and one of the farms by me, farm kitty got stuck up a tree, so they had to take a little raft out over the water/ice and then one climbed a tree to get said kitty back down and raft back to dry land.. Gotta love those that go the extra bit to make sure that everyone was looked after.

Snow geese came in last night on our current waterfront property, then the second flock that came in was Canadian geese, that’s the first geese we have seen this year..

Speaking of geese, Pom mated with Honk currently has half her eggs laid in her nest now, and they are both very protective of it, so all signs point to go on them wanting to sit and hatch, still so sad I lost both Hiss and lou but it is what it is..

I’m on day five or six of a nasty head cold, its not a minor one either, its a full blown even with meds, knocking me flat down to bed.. well mostly, I have the energy to get up and putter for a couple hours, nap for an hour or two and repeat..

The yard is melting out finally and everywhere I look is work, but also there are hints of plants, the lily’s are starting, the feverfew is poking up, along with a few other small things, what I really need to a big old patch of nettles to come up and get going..  If I could, I would be drinking fresh nettle tea pot daily.

I have to tell you no one appears to read the sign that says our road is closed.. they just drive around it and come and stop and stare and then turn around.. dozens of them.. and it sets my hounds off every single time.. can’t get mad at them, its their job.. but sheeezzz,

Then there are those in the big trucks that just have to try and go though the sloggy mess of water and ice, so far no one has their motor die out on them going though but I keep waiting for it..

Have a great day

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Just touching in, things are crazy busy..  but good.. its all good.. all morning , the hounds are going crazy as everyone drives up and then turns around at either my lane or Farmer T’s

2013-01-01 1780 (600x450)

The view from my deck.. that’s is three fields worth of floodout before it currently is lapping into my own yard.. That one goes two fields over till it hits the creek..

2013-01-01 1782 (600x329)

The View from the main garden..Same, but even bigger fields and its three fields over till it come up to the river..

Thank goodness for the sump pump! so far the house is dry..


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Introduing Bruno..

While not home yet, Its just a matter of time, soon, very soon.. This big boy will be coming home to the farm.. Bruno is 16.2 and around 1500 pounds, he is nine, so the same age as Brandy, same age, same height, broke to ride.. He had everything on my list, other then not being a draft or draft cross breed, but he has the right height, the right size, the right sex, the right age, the right training..  and add in that he is so darn pretty to boot!

gelding2 (469x417)

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Ok, it really is Friday this time :)

I don’t have photo’s today as the hubby snagged the camera to take to work with him.. so I will put up one I took earlier in the week, this is boo cat, one of my wonderful altered farm cats.

2013-01-01 1737 (600x419)

We have a spotted a new stay (drop off?) in the area, a short haired black and grey cat, appears in good shape, its a ghost cat at the moment, bold as can be when I spot it out the window, but never spotted when we are outside yet. Only time will tell if its just passing by.

So lets switch gears here, and go to shortages..  I like to keep a med kit, a people med kit, a couple critter kits, I buy a big old tool box and then I tailor it to the barn, or the small or big critters and I need to do one that is just for the horse’s etc, while there are crossover’s, I do a lot of different things based on what is needed.

I don’t like to down to one of anything, I am a firm believer that two is one and one is none, its amazing how fast you can go though something if you need it, and for sure, the odds on a farm are always that you will need it and need it right now.. not the time it takes to get to town or worse for a number of things, to order things in etc.

So we needed to pick up a antibodic eye drop (you know the one, they sell over the counter at all the drug stores for basic pink eye or any other infection) and so I said to hubby, pick up a new box, well.. that turned out to be a easier ask then do.. turns out there is .. wait for it, a national shortage of both the drops and salve currently in Canada..  he stopped at this and that  drug store, same thing told to him each time..

Then my man put his thinking cap on, in a city, there is so many thousands that would or could need this and therefor it made no sense at all to keep going to drugstores in town, so he instead went to a itty bitty drug store in a village on his way home and sure enough they still had some, which is now safely tucked into my human and critter kits..

I will keep a close eye on this and when the supply starts back up again, I will get backups, as a fresh batch can be good for up to three years  Its not the first nor will it be the last thing this year that I ask about that I am told, can’t be got anymore or its on backlog or we are waiting for that. I have been waiting for two months for a certain medication for the sheep to come in..

I find it interesting, its not just that costs are rising, and packages are smaller, its also showing up here and there, that you having trouble just finding something. Has this happened to you in this year?



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