Pink Cancer ride..

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Training horse`s

Caleb loves his apple sauce. fun little horse video

Now, I know, I am in farm cloths, I know that my yard is messy, I know that I don`t have the `break away`gear on the cross ties, and yes, a ladybug flies into my mouth and tries to make me eat it..

But none the less, I am going to suck it up and share this cute little vid that hubby made.. Enjoy the raw farmgal LOL

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It was a blessing to have you in my life Ken

ken and mom

It is with deep sadness, that I am sharing the news that my step-father Ken has passed away. Ken and mom had just had their 19th year anniversary in Sept.. Ken will be sadly missed by all that knew him.. He lived a life to be proud of, he never stopped.. he was still working full time, he gave his time to the things he loved, be it the cadets, playing for the church, teaching French and so on.

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well, I have been on a learning curve, I am working on creating-growing kombucha with the scoby`s.

Now I was blessed with a free gifted one from Anita Thank you.. and so I started my first batches, they were smaller and I made them fast, then I drank stage one, started working on stage F2 on some, and got  big jar, so instead of making a half gallon, I am making a gallon and a half at a time..

2013-01-01 2748 (500x375)

the older bigger went to the big new batch, the smaller baby went to a smaller jar again, so it will be faster to make.. Anyone making there own, got helpful hints, tips or thought.

now I am drinking it for the health it is to help bring, stage one reminds me of my apple vinager drink, ok but you don`t think yummy but the F2, now that is still a work in progress but the basic appears like a lightly sweet-tart hard cider, yummy and delightful, not at all what I expected. I am making with black tea, so my scoby`s are naturally darker then some on the net

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Four Day Rother Horse clinic..

Where to even start.. first four days is a long time but it was so worth it.. huge thank you goes out to hubby for taking two days off work to stay home and run the farm for the time I was off it.. I am very grateful, it allowed me to relax and focus knowing that the farm was well taken care of.

I will admit that on the first day I struggled with some of the process, but even as I was mulling and chewing on it, I could see `how`it could be a good thing, and I wanted to see how Steve was going to build on it though the rest of the clinic..

I was proven right, as I watched it come together, I found myself smiling and nodding, I would have loved if my foot had been up to that kind of work right now, but there was no chance of it.. but it did hold up much better then I expected.. I barely have a limp now!

I came home refreshed and excited to bring those skills and idea`s to my own way of training, it was a great blend..

I did my first training session with Brandy who has a lot of ground work done on her and she was just rocking the basic`s, so I decided to take her up in a challenge, she hates standing in puddles, she is a miss fussy pants when it come to walking in water but within ten min, I had her resting with four in the water, awesome..

Caleb we never really made it past the one lesson I wanted to teach but it was a good time and he was clicking in and was full of try an heart!

I will be reporting back on how training is going mostly on the horse blog but also some on here as well..

Tired today but it was a very good thing for my mind.. I needed to get out and put my thinking cap to use! and it was both hard and good on my body.. it needed the wake up!

Lots going on the farm but will get to that later..


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Saturday in pictures..

2013-01-01 2692 (500x375)

Yummy Milk bread.. so good.. a treat indeed.

2013-01-01 2706 (500x375)

The last of the sunflower are finally cut, and de-seeded, the large heads were 12 to 14 inches, the med 8 to 10 inches an the small around 6 to 8 inches.

2013-01-01 2697 (500x375)

Summer Turnips rows were harvested, could have been bigger but not bad!

2013-01-01 2709 (500x375)

Not bad for second planting time for the carrots, I am going to learn in my third plants for overwinter to see if we can get carrots in the spring.

2013-01-01 2713 (375x500)

these little beans are from my third bean planting which is just starting to do a production push, they will need to be covered as we have a possible frost warning this coming week, its early this year..


2013-01-01 2701 (500x375)

These are going to make stocking stuffers for a certain brother.. and maybe  a few gift jars for other folks..

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In case you were wondering where I am..

Cleaning, Canning, cleaning, picking, Prepping, cleaning, Canning.. repeat.. visit with friends, picking, processing, prep work and repeat.

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2013-01-01 2670 (500x375)

2013-01-01 2671 (500x375)2013-01-01 2672 (500x375)

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