can you believe these bean plants are only one month old

2013-01-01 2635 (500x375)

these are my four feet plus double rowed fences, the beans are thriving but need them to get busy flowering, should have another three to six weeks of harvest time. The other fence which is not growing as well, but they are in fact three weeks early planted and are in in full bloom. if I like these beans, next year I am growing them up a ten foot fence.

They are loving this soil, it was amended with rabbit poo and a bit of hard wood ash this spring, then grew pea`s, the pea vines where taken out, it was turned and raked and re-seeded with beans..

Speaking of things that are growing! the sweet potato slips are up at the top of the ten foot chain link and they have also gone sideways into the one pen, (which was empty and now stays that way because everything on the farm likes to eat this plant) by a good five to six feet along the ground as well..  I hope I get some sweets out of all the space I have given them


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Apple Season has arrived.. the first bushel was picked this weekend..

A bushel of apples was u-picked at my very close apple orchard, its mear minutes from the farm, there are two within ten min but this one is the closest and has many more kinds, 21 in total, plus plums, pears and peaches as well as crabapples.

2013-01-01 2643 (500x375)

of course I was asked to make a crumble and I will do a apple pie or two as well, some of us and some of gifts to dear friends who kids batted their baby blues and browns at me with a pretty please LOL

2013-01-01 2630 (500x375)

I will use most of this bushel for apple loaf, Apple pie filling, and other uses, then I will get another bushel or two for apple sauce making, hubby eat the last jar of our homemade sauce about ten days ago, a very rare thing in our house but as most will remember, we had a real apple shortage do to the weather last year, and the price went though the roof, so no apples where grown on the farm or available on the u-pick..

This year thankfully the price was normal, fresh local self-picked apples at 55 cents per pound, it takes up perhaps 30 min of picking time (that includes walking down to the kinds we like and back up the big hill (ok, I will not tell a lie, I slowly walked down and then went under the second gate and waiting on the main road for hubby to come pick me up, I was not GOING UP that hill LOL) and gas is next to nothing, I could if I really wanted to at some point in the future, take my horse and wagon how fun would that be!

They also sell some of the best apple blossom honey, so awesome, I often pick up a jar or two as xmas gifts but because they need to be all homemade or grown, I guess I this year it will be for me :)




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The hot wire is live!

While my big old horse babies are not nearly as happy as me.. ouch! when they touch the wire and the one line we have up will not help with the sheep, calf or pigs but it will stop my horse’s from putting their very heavy big old heads over the fence despite the top line of barbwire and pushing it down to eat on the other side, it will stop them from pushing the wire, which in turn is slowly pushing my posts as well.

We had gotten half the work done before I hurt my foot and then after we got so busy that it just didn’t happen but finally this week one pasture after another got wired and turned on live :) at the moment the whole outside area of all pastures are hot!

Slowly but surely we will work on getting hot lines set up lower down for the cross fencing for the sheep and pigs.

So I got a new video two weeks ago and while I do a little modification for my foot, I am doing Tai chi for balance and mobility and I love it! I am had never done it before, its slow and soft in many ways but it also does work at the same time.

It helps me feel better and by feeling better I am doing more each day..

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so busy! Helping Farmer T move

Without going into details that are not mine to share, and trust me this was all happening very fast indeed, my dear friend Farmer T and  Farm Helper one, two an three needed to move from their farm to a new place, thankfully still in the area

So first off, we have been Ah, and O my busy, to move a whole house and farm from one farm to another in a matter of days is a whack of work.. I have been helping as much as my foot will let me, which means I putter, I do errends and I make food :) My dear man however has been much more active, and of course we also come home and need to look after our own farm an critters as well.

My horse’s broke a fence to try and see if they could figure out why their horse friends where not answering them from across the road and went visiting, Thankfully all ended well on that, but it also meant that we needed to find time to finish putting the hot wire on the top of the current fence, so far only the big pasture is finished but we have everything but the rest of the wire run for all the other pastures and it will be done this weekend.

Its a huge shock, and I have no idea who will buy the farm next door, its really my only “close” person, prayers that it will be someone who either fits or at least grasps or understands our life style, I have heard horror stories about issues with those that live around you, and I have been so lucky and blessed on the farm.

There might be a flurry of posts over the next while, I am taking photos of things, so I will get posts up at some point on different herbal things I am doing.. at some point

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Meet my newest Stray.. Sunny

As they all do, I’m sure he has a huge story to tell, a big tall short haired Black with a tiny tuff of white on his chest, a curled ear and a big old bump in his tail from where it broke and healed, he was heard in the ditch in front of the house, and while hubby had a idea of where he was in the talk grass.. he was having no luck.. Kitty kitty was getting him no where..

I tried a few different calls, and when I got to the “meow, Meow” he answer me back and with some time and a sweet female voice, a black face showed in up peeking from the tall grass.. he was leary, o he wants to make friends but he was unsure, he made it half way and then ran back, when a car passed, back into the grass he ran, finally he got almost in touching distance of just me, hubby having backed off, and then it came, the first head bump to my fingers..

Ten min later, we had made friends enough that I was able to put him in the cage to bring him onto the farm, he is a safe spot, he is on the lean side at the moment, and he was very happy to see a bowl of food and water, he was much calmer this morning and had some cuddle time with me, he knows what dogs are, he is not rude with other kitties but he is careful as well, he has not meet any face to face yet.

but with me and less so with hubby, he is a total sweetheart, purrs, head butts, kneeding, and twists and belly flops.. LOVE ME!

He is still intact, I will need to get him some shots and to take him for a little surgery, if anyone locally would like a middle aged love bug of a farm cat, let me know, otherwise, I think he has picked me at his person. If that is the case, so be it..

2013-01-01 2624 (500x400)


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I don’t know how many of the men will understand this post.. (in fact its worth asking my male readers, what are some of the things men typically do when they feel the need for action but are limited in the offerings by needing to do your daily life)

But for most ladies, one of the first things we change up when we need to answer that ” ah, do something, do something!” its our hair..

Now, If I had not just spent the past two years growing mine out, I most likely would have gone for a hair cut and style but that is not happening, Dh is so happy that for the first time in 15 years my hair is long, not short, that I just can’t do that to him.

DSC00379 (500x375)

So Color it was but I didn’t want Bold or Wild, when I had super short hair, I could do the funky and not worry about it at all, because in six to eight weeks, it would be grown out or cut out if I didn’t like it..

2013-01-01 2615 (500x375) (2)

But with long hair.. What you do will have a effect for a good long time to come, so its a much more natural softer choosing of the colors.. I like it, and I think it will work well with my natural hair color..

2013-01-01 2612 (347x500)

I also learned a new updo, its called a double twist, and I think its looks quite nice as well.. as for all the things going on, well they are ongoing and I’m not at the point of sharing quite yet..

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Introducing Miss Apple

I have been on the hunt for a new weaner piglet or two all spring an summer long, I have weaner piglets on kijji alert, I have had friends keeping a ear out, the cost on piglets this year is sky high locally, between triple to fours times higher then normal in my area. A normal weaner piglet in the spring flush, 40 to 60, this year 150 to 200, finally now in the end of aug, the price is coming down to 120, but most of those were at least a two hour each way drive, but yesterday on kijji piglets went up for under a hundred and less then ten min away.

Called and booked a piglet, but there was a downside to this, wee babe is just five weeks, not weaned, just taken off mom and handed to me..

The inside joke on her name is that when I asked if they were eating well, was told they are eating windfall apples, she is sturdy, she has a good temperament, she needs a bath but she is a pretty soft red with white band, she is a bershire-tamworth cross.

Because she is so little, and has not been properly weaned, she is in a big dog crate in my house at the moment, so that a very close eye can be kept on her, once she is bigger, stronger, eating well, and has been gentled, she will be introduced to the big pigs..

She was a very sad piglet last night, but she soon figured out the bedding was soft and comfy.. better pictures soon I promise

2013-01-01 2595 (500x375)

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